Forgiven Much
Bible Reference: Luke 7:36-50
Duration: 36 mins
Date: 05 Sept 2004

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The importance of praying Discipleship
Bible Reference: Luke 18:1-18
Duration: 39 mins
Date: 19 Sept 2004

Sermon Outline
1.The widow and her persistant praying
2.God will help his elect
3.True believers pray

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The Risen Christ Gathers His Church
Bible Reference: Luke 24:33-49
Duration: 46 mins
Date: 11 Apr 2004

Sermon Outline

Jesus Christ's disciples did not believe in the risen Lord despite the account of Mary, mother of Jesus, and Mary Magadalene who saw the empty tomb. Jesus had to appear to them, pronouncing peace, showing them his risen body, eating with them before they could believe. Only after encouraging his disciples did He give them the Great Commission. Jesus cited Moses and prophets in Luke 24:44, how they foretold His resurrection - see Job 19:25, Genesis 22, Psalm 16:9. Why is belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ so important? See 1 Cor 15:14, 17, 20
1. Without resurrection, there is no Gospel.
2. Without resurrection, we are still in our sins.
3. Without resurrection, there is no proof that Christ's work on the cross is approved by God.
4. Christ's resurrection showed His victory over death and sin.
5. Without Christ's resurrection, there is no resurrection of our bodies (Only spiritual bodies can enter into heaven). Apostles were ordinary people yet given the Great Commission to preach repentance and forgiveness to all nations. But they couldn't accomplish everything. We must continue their work in evangelism and missions. We don't always have to go abroad for missions. But we are to stand for the Lord, bearing witness, reflecting the power of the risen Lord in our lives.

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