1 A Few Good Men (208pp, pbk) Coekin, Richard S$10.5
2 According to Plan (The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible, 320pp, pbk) Goldsworthy, Graeme S$18.0
3 Active Evangelism (How to Successfully Put the Evangelism of Acts Into Practice, 192pp, pbk) Prime, Derek S$9.0
4 ADVENTURE SERIES: Great Barrier Reef Adventures (96pp, pbk) Cromarty, Jim S$7.5
5 ADVENTURE SERIES: Rocky Mountain Adventures (96pp, pbk) Swinford, Betty S$7.5
6 ADVENTURE SERIES: Scottish Highland Adventures (96pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Cathrine S$7.5
7 Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce (80pp, pbk) Piper, John S$7.5
8 Aren't They Lovely When They're Asleep? (128pp, pbk) Benton, Ann S$7.0
9 Basics for Believers (Putting the Gospel First, 144pp, pbk) Carson, D. A. S$9.0
10 Basket of Flowers, A (A Young Girl's Fight Against Injustice, 192pp, pbk) Schmid, C. Von. S$7.0
11 Beatitudes for Today, The (263pp, pbk) Blanchard, John S$14.0
12 Beyond Greed (174pp, pbk) Rosner, Brian S$10.5
13 Bible Alphabet, A (32pp, pbk) Brown, Alison $7.0n
14 Bible Answers (Questions About the Christian Faith & Life, 400pp, pbk) Prime, Derek S$10.5
15 Biblical Guide to Love, Sex & Marriage, A (128pp, pbk) Thomas, Derek/Rosemary S$13.0
16 Big Book of Questions & Answers about Jesus, The (A Family Guide to Jesus' Life & Ministry, 100pp, pbk) Ferguson, Sinclair B. S$12.0
17 Big Book of Questions & Answers (A Family Devotional Guide to the Christian Faith, 100pp, pbk) Ferguson, Sinclair B. S$12.0
18 Bitesize Theology (An ABC of the Christian Faith, 109pp, pbk) Jeffery, Peter S$6.5
19 Body of Divinity (316pp, pbk) Watson, Thomas $16.0n
20 BOT BOOKLETS: Behind a Frowning Providence (30pp, bkt) Murray, John J. $2.5n
21 BOT BOOKLETS: Call to Prayer, A (32pp, bkt) Ryle, J. C. $3.0n
22 BOT BOOKLETS: Coming to Faith in Christ (16pp, bkt) Benton, John $2.0n
23 BOT BOOKLETS: Defence of Calvinism, A (32pp, bkt) Spurgeon, C. H. $3.0n
24 BOT BOOKLETS: Five Points of Calvinism (20pp, bkt) Seaton, W. J. $3.0n
25 BOT BOOKLETS: Healthy Christian Growth (32pp, bkt) Ferguson, Sinclair B. $2.5n
26 BOT BOOKLETS: Holiness (32pp, bkt) Beeke, Joel R. $2.5n
27 BOT BOOKLETS: Practical Implications of Calvinism (23pp, bkt) Martin, A. N. $2.5n
28 BOT BOOKLETS: Reading the Bible (32pp, bkt) Thomas, Geoffrey $2.5n
29 BOT BOOKLETS: Worship (32pp, bkt) Ryle, J. C. $3.0n
30 BUILDING ON THE ROCK: How God Sent a Dog to Save a Family & Other Devotional Stories (141pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel/Kleyn, Diana S$7.5
31 BUILDING ON THE ROCK: How God Stopped the Pirates & Other Devotional Stories (161pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel/Kleyn, Diana S$7.5
32 BUILDING ON THE ROCK: How God Used a Drought & An Umbrella & Other Devotional Stories (162pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel/Kleyn, Diana S$7.5
33 BUILDING ON THE ROCK: How God Used a Snowdrift & Other Devotional Stories (169pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel/Kleyn, Diana S$7.5
34 BUILDING ON THE ROCK: How God Used a Thunderstorm & Other Devotional Stories (141pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel/Kleyn, Diana S$7.5
35 Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness, A (How to Manage Your Life & Not Let It Manage You, 160pp, pbk) Chester, Tim S$13.5
36 Call to Spiritual Reformation (Priorities from Paul & His Prayers, 232pp, pbk) Carson, D. A. S$15.0
37 Can We Rock the Gospel? (Can We Really Combine Rock with the Worship of God, 267pp, pbk) Blanchard, John/Lucarini, Dan S$13.0
38 Caring Creator (48pp, hbk) MacKenzie, Carine S$10.5
39 Case for Amillennialism, A (Understanding the End Times, 272pp, pbk) Riddlebarger, Kim S$18.0
40 Charismatic Phenomenon, The (113pp, pbk) Masters/Whitcomb S$5.0n
41 Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith (Tan/Green, Daily Readings, 400pp) Spurgeon, C. H. S$18.0
42 Child's Story Bible (Set of 3 Vols, 720pp, pbk) Vos, Catherine $42.5n
43 Christian's High Calling, The (240pp, pbk) Roberts, Maurice $12.0n
44 Christian Beliefs: 20 Basics Every Christian Should Know (160pp, pbk) Grudem, Wayne S$10.5
45 Christian Handbook (A Straightforward Guide to the Bible, Church History & Christian Doctrine, 192pp, pbk) Jeffery, Peter S$16.0n
46 CLASSIC FICTION: Childhood Years (144pp, pbk) Various S$7.0
47 CLASSIC FICTION: Little Woodman & Other Stories (Tales of Friendship & Adventure, 128pp, pbk) Sherwood/Shaw S$7.0
48 CLASSIC FICTION: Mary Jones and Her Bible (160pp, pbk) Unknown S$7.0
49 CLASSIC FICTION: Prayers & Promises (128pp, pbk) Bevan, Frances S$7.0
50 CLASSIC FICTION: Saved at Sea (A Young Boy, A Dramatic Rescue, & More than One Life is Saved, 144pp, pbk) Walton, O. F. S$7.0
51 CLASSIC FICTION: Sunshine Country (144pp, pbk) Royovej, Kristina S$7.0
52 Contending for the Faith (Lines in the Sand that Strengthen the Church, 448pp, pbk) Reymond, Robert L. S$18.0
53 Courting Disaster (Should Christians & Non-Christians Date Each Other?, 80pp, pbk) Richardson, Neil S$7.0
54 Cup of Cold Water, A (The Practice of Hospitality, 64pp, pbk) Jones, Julia S$5.5
55 Day by Day With J. C. Ryle (400pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. S$18.0
56 Death of Death in the Death of Christ (312pp, pbk) Owen, John $15.0n
57 Dig Deeper: Tools to Unearth the Bible's Treasure (160pp, pbk) Beynon, Nigel/Sach, Andrew S$10.5
58 Don't They Make a Lovely Couple? (6 Important Questions You Need to Face About Your Marriage, 144pp, pbk) Benton, John/Ann S$7.5
59 Explore Q1/08 (Bible Notes for Adults, Jan-Mar 08, Issue 41) Good Book Company S$4.5
60 Explore Q2/08 (Bible Notes for Adults, Apr-Jun 08, Issue 42) Good Book Company S$4.5
61 Explore Q3/08 (Bible Notes for Adults, Jul-Sep 08, Issue 43) Good Book Company S$4.5
62 Explore Q4/08 (Bible Notes for Adults, Oct-Dec 08, Issue 44) Good Book Company S$4.5
63 Expository Thoughts on the Gospels - John (Set of 3, 1394pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. $37.5n
64 Faith's Reasons for Believing (480pp, pbk) Reymond, Robert L. S$18.0
65 Family Religion (Principles for Raising a Godly Family, 272pp, pbk) Henry, Matthew S$13.5
66 Fear Not! (96pp, pbk) Duncan, Ligon/Reid, J. Nicolas S$10.5
67 Final Word, The (A Biblical Response to the Case for Tongues & Prophecy Today, 150pp, pbk) Robertson, O. Palmer $10.0n
68 Fresh Start, A (224pp, pbk) Chapman, John S$9.0
69 From Fear to Faith (Rejoicing in the Lord in Turbulent Times, 76pp, pbk) Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn S$7.5
70 Gentle Rain on Tender Grass (Daily Readings from the Pentateuch) James, Sharon S$14.5
71 Girl of Two Worlds, A (176pp, pbk) Eglin, Lorna S$7.0
72 Glorious Body of Christ, The (383pp, pbk) Kuiper, R. B. $18.0n
73 God's Design for Women, Revised & Updated (Biblical Womanhood for Today, 368pp, pbk) James, Sharon S$16.0
74 God's Wonderful Word (Introducing Each Book of the Bible, 160pp, pbk) Knight, Trevor S$12.5
75 God-Centered Preacher, The (Developing a Pulpit Ministry Approved by God, 351pp, pbk) Reymond, Robert L. S$18.0
76 God-Centred Evangelism (248pp, pbk) Kuiper, R. B. $12.0n
77 God Reality, The (A Critique of Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion", 80pp, pbk) Slane, Robert S$7.0
78 Gofors & Grumps (An A-Z of Bible Characters, 176pp, pbk) Prime, Derek S$14.0
79 Going Out, Marriage & Sex (What the Bible Says About It, 64pp, pbk) Richards, Chris/Jones, Liz S$7.0
80 Going the Distance (How to Stay Fit for a Lifetime of Ministry, 260pp, pbk) Brain, Peter S$15.0
81 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: 1 John (How to Be Sure, 56pp, pbk) Buttery, Nathan S$4.5
82 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: 1 Peter (Living in the Real World, 64pp, pbk) Chester, Tim S$4.5
83 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: 1 Thessalonians (Living to Please God, 64pp, pbk) Wallace, Mark S$4.5
84 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: 2 Timothy (Faithful to the End, 64pp, pbk) Mulryne, Mark S$4.5
85 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: Biblical Womanhood (64pp, pbk) Young, Sarah S$4.5
86 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: Mark 1-8 (The Coming King, 96pp, pbk) Chester, Tim S$4.5
87 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: Mark 9-16 (The Servant King, 64pp, pbk) Chester, Tim S$4.5
88 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: Meeting Jesus (Women of Faith in the N.T., 96pp, pbk) Kavonic, Jenna S$4.5
89 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: Psalms (Work Songs, 48pp, pbk) Chester, Tim S$4.5
90 GOOD BOOK GUIDES: Women of Faith from the O.T. (88pp, pbk) Davis, Mary S$4.5
91 Gowandale Adventure (And Other Adventures for Boys, 96pp, pbk) Burke, Ruth S$9.0
92 Great God of Wonders (240pp, pbk) Roberts, Maurice $12.0n
93 Growing for God (80pp, pbk) Robinson, Simon J. S$7.0
94 Guidance & the Voice of God (150pp, pbk) Jensen, Phillip/Payne, Tony S$9.0
95 Happily Ever After (Avoiding the Pains of Divorce, 64pp, pbk) Holdt, Martin S$7.0
96 Has Science Got Rid of God? (160pp, pbk) Blanchard, John S$11.5
97 Heart for God, A (128pp, pbk) Ferguson, Sinclair B. $10.0n
98 HISTORY LIVES V2: Monks & Mystics (Chronicles of the Medieval Church, 224pp, pbk) Withrow, Mindy & Brandon S$9.0
99 HISTORY LIVES V4: Heart & Hands (Chronicles of the Awakening Church, 224pp, pbk) Withrow, Mindy & Brandon S$9.0
100 Homeward Bound (Building an Attractive Christ-centred Family on Eternal Principles, 240pp, pbk) Hartman, Edward S$12.0
101 Homosexuality (Christian Truth & Love, 224pp, pbk) Brown, Paul E. (Ed) S$14.0
102 How Long O Lord?, 2nd Ed. (Reflections on Suffering & Evil, 240pp, pbk) Carson, D. A. S$19.5
103 How to Run Children's Clubs & Meetings (Practical Suggestions for People in Youth Ministry, 160pp, pbk) Walker, Steven S$12.5
104 If It's Not Too Much Trouble (128pp, pbk) Benton, Ann S$9.0
105 INTERACTIVE BIBLE STUDY: All You Need to Know (2 Peter, pbk) Smith, Bryson S$4.0
106 INTERACTIVE BIBLE STUDY: Bold I Approach (The Why & How of Prayer--6 Studies, 72pp, pbk) Payne, Tony S$4.5
107 INTERACTIVE BIBLE STUDY: Cash Values (5 Studies on Money, 39pp, pbk) Payne, Tony S$4.0
108 INTERACTIVE BIBLE STUDY: Homeward Bound (10 Studies on 1 Peter, 94pp, pbk) Jensen, Phillip/Payne, Tony S$4.5
109 INTERACTIVE BIBLE STUDY: Implanted Word (8 Studies on James, 64pp, pbk) Jensen, Phillip/Birkett, Kirsten S$4.5
110 INTERACTIVE BIBLE STUDY: Path to Godliness (6 Studies on Titus, 47pp, pbk) Jensen, Phillip/Payne, Tony S$4.0
111 INTERACTIVE BIBLE STUDY: Run the Race (6 Studies on 2 Timothy, 46pp, pbk) Smith, Bryson S$4.0
112 INTERACTIVE BIBLE STUDY: Walk this Way (8 Studies on Ephesians, 67pp, pbk) Smith, Bryson S$4.5
113 Is God Past His Sell-By Date? (276pp, pbk) Blanchard, John S$11.5
114 Jesus Divine Messiah (The New & Old Testament Witness, 560pp, hbk) Reymond, Robert L. S$30.0
115 Lamb Is All the Glory, The (222pp, pbk) Brooks, Richard S$14.5
116 Lamb of God, The (The Bible's Unfolding Revelation of Sacrifice, 128pp, pbk) Reymond, Robert L. S$15.0
117 Lectures to My Students (512pp, hbk) Spurgeon, C. H. S$30.0
118 Life's Story (The One that Hasn't Been Told, 64pp, pbk) Haville, Mark S$3.5
119 Life of God in the Soul of Man (160pp, pbk) Scougal, Henry S$7.5
120 Life2: The Sequel (What Happens When You Die? 128pp, pbk) Motyer, Alec S$10.5
121 LIGHTKEEPERS: Artic Adventurer (Wilfred Grenfell, 144pp, pbk) Finlayson, Linda S$7.0
122 Living 4 God (Learning from the Lives of William Tyndale, John Newton, David Brainerd, Eric Liddell, 72pp, pbk) Dredge, Kath S$7.0
123 Living for God's Pleasure (The Fruit of the Spirit, 192pp, pbk) Prime, Derek S$13.0
124 Lord our Shepherd, The (88pp, pbk) MacMillan, J. Douglas S$9.0n
125 Man Overboard! (The Story of Jonah, 112pp, pbk) Ferguson, Sinclair B. $12.0n
126 Mining for Wisdom (28 Daily Readings from Job, 192pp, pbk) Thomas, Derek S$13.0
127 Morning & Evening (Matt Black, 768pp, Luxury Gift Edition) Spurgeon, C. H. S$22.5
128 Morning & Evening (Matt Burg, 768pp, Luxury Gift Edition) Spurgeon, C. H. S$22.5
129 Morning & Evening (Matt Tan/Blue, 768pp, Luxury Gift Edition) Spurgeon, C. H. S$22.5
130 Morning & Evening (Matt Tan/Burg, 768pp, Luxury Gift Edition) Spurgeon, C. H. S$22.5
131 My First Book of Bible Prayers (64pp, pbk) Ross, Philip S$3.0
132 My First Book of Christian Values (64pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Carine S$3.0
133 My Heart In His Hands (Ann Judson of Burma: A Life, with Selections from Her Memoir & Letters, 240pp, pbk) James, Sharon S$14.5
134 Mystery at Ardfuar (And Other Stories for Girls, 96pp, pbk) Burke, Ruth S$9.0
135 New Christians Start Here + CD (The Basic Truths for the New Believer, 104pp, pbk) Jeffery, Peter S$14.5
136 Only One Baptism of the Holy Spirit (109pp, pbk) Masters, Peter $7.0n
137 Opening Up Proverbs (192pp, pbk) Newheiser, Jim S$14.0
138 Our Loving God (39pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Carine S$7.0
139 Parables of Jesus, The (448pp, pbk) Johnson, Terry L. $16.5n
140 POCKET PURITANS: Anger Management (64pp, pbk) Baxter, Richard $6.5n
141 POCKET PURITANS: Heaven, A World of Love (120pp, pbk) Edwards, Jonathan $6.5n
142 POCKET PURITANS: Impure Lust (80pp, pbk) Flavel, John $6.5n
143 POCKET PURITANS: Living Faith (96pp, pbk) Ward, Samuel $6.5n
144 Practical Religion (Being Plain Papers on the Daily Duties, Experience, Dangers, & Privileges of Professing Christians, 495pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. $14.0n
145 Prayer & the Voice of God (200pp, pbk) Jensen, Phillip/Payne, Tony S$10.5
146 Prophets Speak of Him, The (Encountering Jesus in the Minor Prophets, 196pp, pbk) Selvaggio, Anthony S$14.5
147 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Acceptable Sacrifice (Psa 51:17, 128pp, pbk) Bunyan, John $10.0n
148 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: All Things for Good (Rom 8:28, 127pp, pbk) Watson, Thomas $10.0n
149 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Bruised Reed, The (An Exposition on Isaiah 42:3, 128pp, pbk) Sibbes, Richard $10.0n
150 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Christian's Great Interest, The (207pp, pbk) Guthrie, William $10.0n
151 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Communion With God (Abridged, 209pp, pbk) Owen, John $11.5n
152 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Doctrine of Repentance, The (122pp, pbk) Watson, Thomas $10.0n
153 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Dying Thoughts (144pp, pbk) Baxter, Richard $10.0n
154 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Great Gain of Godliness, The (Practical Notes on Malachi 3:16-18, 176pp, pbk) Watson, Thomas $10.0n
155 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Lord's Supper, The (96pp, pbk) Watson, Thomas $9.0n
156 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Mystery of Providence (221pp, pbk) Flavel, John $11.5n
157 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Prayer (172pp, pbk) Bunyan, John $10.0n
158 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, The (228pp, pbk) Burroughs, Jeremiah $11.5n
159 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Reformed Pastor, The (On the Work of the Christian Ministry, 256pp, pbk) Baxter, Richard $11.5n
160 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Secret Key to Heaven (304pp, pbk) Brooks, Thomas $12.5n
161 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Shorter Catechism Explained (280pp, pbk) Vincent, Thomas $11.5n
162 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Temptation: Resisted & Repulsed (Made Easy to Read, 128pp, pbk) Owen, John $10.0n
163 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: True Bounds of Christian Freedom, The (224pp, pbk) Bolton, Samuel $11.5n
164 Quest for True Tolerance, The (Searching for a Tolerance that Does Not Make Society Sick, 176pp, pbk) McQuoid, Stephen S$14.0
165 Raising Children God's Way (96pp, pbk) Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn $11.0n
166 Resisting Temptation in an Immoral Society (80pp, pbk) Peckham, Colin S$4.5
167 Sad Little Dog (52 Stories that Teach Biblical Truths, 176pp, pbk) Cromarty, Jim S$14.5
168 Saints' Everlasting Rest, The (704pp, hbk) Baxter, Richard S$30.0
169 Sermons on Acts of the Apostles, Ch 1-7 (688pp, hbk) Calvin, John $36.0n
170 Seven Wonders of the World, The (The Gospel in the Storyline of the Bible, 96pp, pbk) Campbell, Iain D. S$9.0
171 Sinners' Guide to Holiness, A (96pp, pbk) Chapman, John S$7.5
172 Six-Day Creation (Does It Matter What You Believe?, 64pp, pbk) Gurney, Robert S$7.0
173 Sketches from Church History (256pp, pbk) Houghton, S. M. $20.0n
174 STORY TIME: Queen Victoria's Request (24pp, hbk) Spurgeon, C. H. S$7.5
175 STORY TIME: The Duke's Daughter (25pp, hbk) MacKenzie, Lachlan S$7.5
176 SWORD & TROWEL BKT - The Goal of Brotherly Love (26pp, pbk) Masters, Peter $1.5n
177 SWORD & TROWEL BKT - Your Reasonable Service (24pp, bkt) Masters, Peter S$1.5n
178 This Little Church Stayed Home (A Faithful Church in Deceptive Times, 190pp, pbk) Gilley, Gary E. S$13.0
179 This Little Church Went to Market (The Church in the Age of Entertainment, 142pp, pbk) Gilley, Gary E. S$11.5
180 Thought of God, The (256pp, pbk) Roberts, Maurice $12.0n
181 TORCHBEARERS: Danger on the Hill (Margaret Wilson, 160pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Catherine S$7.0
182 TORCHBEARERS: He is No Fool (Jim Elliot, 160pp, pbk) Howat, Irene S$7.0
183 TORCHBEARERS: The Crown of Fire (Polycarp, 272pp, pbk) Newsom, William Chad S$9.0
184 TORCHBEARERS: The Rainmaker's Friend (James Chalmers, 160pp, pbk) Howat, Irene S$7.0
185 TORCHBEARERS: The Smuggler's Flame (William Tyndale, 144pp, pbk) Rich, Lori S$7.0
186 TRAIL BLAZERS: America's Genius (Jonathan Edwards, 160pp, pbk) George, Christian S$7.0
187 TRAIL BLAZERS: Freedom Fighter, The (William Wilberforce, 176pp, pbk) Bingham, Derick S$7.0
188 TRAIL BLAZERS: South Sea Island Rescue (John G. Paton, 155pp, pbk) Walsh, Kay S$7.0
189 TRAIL BLAZERS: Story Teller, The (C. S. Lewis, 192pp, pbk) Hingham, Derick S$7.0
190 True or False? (Thinking Correctly About New Spirituality, 64pp, pbk) Jones, Peter S$5.5
191 Ultimate Questions (English, NKJV, 32pp, bkt) Blanchard, John S$1.5n
192 Ultimate Questions (Simplified Chinese, 32pp, bkt) Blanchard, John $1.5n
193 University--The Real Challenge (64pp, pbk) King, Andrew S$5.5
194 What's in the Bible (A One-Volume Guidebook to God's Word, 400pp, pbk) Sproul, R. C./Wolgemuth, Robert S$16.0
195 What Is God? (An Investigation of the Perfections of God's Nature, 368pp, pbk) Reymond, Robert L. S$18.0
196 When the Darkness Will Not Lift (Doing What We Can While We Wait for God & Joy, 80pp, pbk) Piper, John S$7.5
197 Where Do We Go From Here? (40pp, bkt) Blanchard, John S$2.5
198 With One Voice (Singleness, Dating & Marriage - to the Glory of God, 160pp, pbk) Chediak, Alex & Marni S$10.5